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These are products that we have tried, tested and loved over the years. They are products that we would recommend to our family, friends, or any expectant parents. You'll find some of these listed in the checklists of our New Parent Calendar and some we have added as they may be helpful to you.
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Products We Love: Text

Travelling with your baby

BabyBjörn Travel Cot Light - This is by far our favourite travel cot, it is so simple to put up and down. It is small and light when in...

Books, Apps and Instagram Accounts

Instagram accounts we have loved: There is so much information out there for you to access and Instagram is, in our opinion, the easiest...

Weaning and food prep

Swell Bottles - These are our go-to thermos bottles. They come in varying sizes and are great for keeping sterilised water (boiled then...

Hospital bag basics

Expert Midwife - Expecting and Post Partum Kit. These products are amazing, they were created by midwifes and so handy to have in your...

Baby Essentials

Water Wipes - Carla is an advocate for the water wipe. They don’t have a fragrance and tend to be moist (unless you leave the packet open...

Nursery essentials

Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot – This has been the cot Carla used for both her babies. It has a side that lowers, making life easier for any of...

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